Study CIMA

What is CIMA?

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is the largest and leading professional body of management accountants. The CIMA qualification is recognized as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business. CIMA enables you to gain a solid understanding of fundamental accounting, management and business principles. Its mission is to help people and businesses to succeed in the public and private sectors.

As a CIMA-qualified professional, you will be able to drive business success, by using your financial knowledge to influence strategic decisions and manage performance. You will become part of a global organization, powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies (AICPA and CIMA) which is working to make management accounting the most valued profession in business worldwide.

CIMA Levels

1. Certificate Level​

The Certificate in Business Accounting is an entry level accounting qualification for students with little or no accounting background. It is a recognised qualification in its own right and is valued by employers. It comprises of the following 4 modules:

2. Operational Level

How to prepare financial statements, provide management accounting information, and use appropriate tools for decision making through a broad understanding of business. After successfully completing this level, you will receive the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

3. Management Level

How to prepare group accounts, make pricing and product decisions based on a robust analysis, and manage projects and relationships. On completion, you receive the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.

4. Strategic Level

How to formulate financial strategy and manage strategic relationships while managing risk, using the competencies gained at operational and management levels. Test of professional competence: Bridges the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’, combining finance and business knowledge to help you inform and forecast business strategy. On completion, you can be one of the Chartered Global Management Accountants with the designation letters ACMA and CGMA.

CIMA Fee Structure

CIMA Certificate in Business – R25,000

CIMA Diploma in Business Accounting (Level 1) – R30,000

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Business Accounting (Level 2) – R30,000

CIMA Strategic Level (Level 3) – R34,000