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ISAF was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced, highly qualified accountancy, procurement and finance professionals, with the view of providing innovative, quality learnership and tutorship services for full-time as well as part-time and distance learners through-out South Africa. Back then, classes were normally scheduled to fit in perfectly with the busy schedules of both full time university students well as employed professionals.

In due course, decisions where made by management to transform the way the organization conducted itself. It was decided that much more emphasis be place on programs that actually add value to learners, making them more marketable in this highly competitive industry.

Since then, there has been a lot of excitement generated by our offerings, especially our very own, in-house accelerated learning and certification program. All of our learner-ship programs come with full-time and part-time lessons, online study materials, online practice tests and exams,and exam prep sessions. Students who need extra attention outside of normal classes can arrange one-on-one catch-up classes for a small fee.


Our Mission​

Our mission is to become the market leader in providing high quality training and tutoring for finance, procurement and accountancy learners in South Africa. We also understand that in order to achieve this goal, we need innovation, perseverance and hard work. Programs such as our industry first, the ISAF accelerated learning and certification program also know as ISAF Accelerated Route attest to our innovative thinking. It is also our belief that if we all (at ISAF) work hard together, we can fulfill our mission and become a proudly African institute which contributes to the growth of our continent’s human capital.

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