What is CFA Designation?

The CFA Institute was established in 1962. It’s Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA® Program) is a graduate-level, self-study curriculum and examination program for investment specialists. The Program sets the global standard for investment knowledge, standards, and ethics. After earning certification, learners can to enter or advance themselves within the investment profession around the world. The designation tells clients, employers, and colleagues that the charter holder has mastered a rigorous curriculum covering a broad range of investment topics and that he or she is committed to the highest ethical standards in the profession. The Program has 3 Levels, with a syllabus that follows a number of progressively challenging Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), structured around the following 10 syllabus topic areas: (1) Ethics & Professional Standards; (2) Quantitative Methods; (3) Economics; (4) Financial Reporting & Analysis; (5) Corporate Finance; (6) Equity Investments; (7) Fixed Income; (8) Derivatives; (9) Alternative Investments; and (10) Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning. The CFA exams (Levels 1, 2 & 3) are offered annually in June. Level 1 exams can also be taken in December. Each exam is a six-hour paper, consisting of 2-three-hour assessments. There are no exemptions from any level.

Benefits of CFA Designation


Our CFA Designation will open the doorway for you to a career in Investment Banking and other lucrative career opportunities.

Better Salaries

Adding this qualification to your CV will allow you to have access to higher than average salaries and perks.


You will achieve a higher status in the eyes of an employer and clients. You will become a respectable figure in the Finance Industry.

How to get started with CFA Designation

In order to qualify for this program, you need to have at least one of the following:

A Bachelors’ Degree, or be in the final year of your Bachelors’ Degree

At least 4 years of professional work experience in any field

A combination of professional work experience + University experience that total 4 years

In addition, the following will be required:

You must have a valid International Passport

You must meet the required professional conduct criteria

Learners who decide to join us at ISAF for classes, will be required to pay 2 amounts. 

Fee 1: This is the membership fee paid directly to CFA Institute. First time candidates have to pay an additional enrollment fee. These fees enable learners to become a part of the CFA® Program and to write the CFA® exams. 

Fee 2: This is the fee paid to ISAF. This fee is for tuition, exam-preparation exam packs and study notes and materials.